SmartDot Review [Update 2021]: Energydots Radiation Protection

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Advanced technology makes life easier. To save time and work efficiently technology has a great impact on people. But this technology product has some side effects too. Most of the electronic products spread radiation that can cause serious headaches and other problems. So, I was searching for a product that can absorb those radiations.

SmartDOT is a gadget that helps to avoid radiation and keep my family safe. Here I write a SmartDOT Review so that you can learn how this tiny product actually works. Though this device is just a sticker, its working power is effective.

What Is SmartDOT?

SmartDOT is a sticker that prevents radiation from electronic devices. It is also known as an anti-magnetic wave patch that I can apply on any electronic device. I can even use this patch or sticker on TV, Fridge, mobile, PC, wi-fi router, etc. devices.

What Is SmartDOT

This sticker absorbs the electromagnetic waves and gives me a safe environment.

In review, I find out that excessive radiation can create a great impact on the human body. As I have to use laptop and mobile in my daily life most.

So, this is for sure that I am very much close to the radiation. If I set the sticker on those devices, I can protect myself from being affected. Also, there will be less chance of feeling nausea or headache caused by this radiation.

Main Key Features of SmartDOT

SmartDOT has some unique features that will help you to keep a safe life and you will get a secure environment. Those features are-

Main Key Features of SmartDOT

Harmonizing EMFs:

SmartDOT has the quality to harmonize the EMF. This is a small magnetic adhesive sticker that entrains EMF emitted from other appliances. The sticker filters the radiation and frequencies that come from the appliances and keep us safer.

Quality Material:

SmartDOT works as a protector and prevents radiation. This tiny gadget uses high-quality material. The SmartDOT patch uses acrylic vinyl with magnetic sheeting. Also, quantum technology helps to protect human health.


The patch is completely waterproof, and you can use it under the water. There is no risk of damaging the chip or circuit of the device. In case the water falls upon the sticker then don’t worry. You will get the proper protection on this patch.


Coverage Area:

SmartDOT is a very small patch. But it can easily cover up to 1 meter. Within this range, you can easily save yourself from radiation. If there are so many patches in your electronic appliances then you are completely risk-free. Because those patches will cover almost the whole area of your home.


This patch is mostly popular for its lightweight. The patch weight is only 1 gram and you can easily stick it anywhere you want. Most other radiation protectors are heavy. But this is just like a sticker that you can stick anywhere. The strong adhesiveness of this device helps to keep the patch on any device.

How Does It Work? – SmartDOT Review

Most people are confused about how this product actually works. The instant reaction of this product is not identifiable. Before using this device, I was facing headaches, stress, depression, nausea, irritation, pain, and many other problems.

How Does It Work - SmartDOT Review

I had no idea that this radiation can cause such problems in my body. But when I read the online reviews I learned about all those problems. Then I decide to use this on my devices.

This sticker is so lightweight, that I can easily put it on the back of the device. This sticker protects me from the radiation and reduces the chances of illness. After using this device, I notice that my mood swing problem is so much better. Even I can focus on my work more than before.

How Does It Work - SmartDOT Review 2

The SmartDOT uses Phi energy to prevent any adverse effects of electromagnetic frequencies. While using any electronic device, if I feel any electro mess, I simply put the sticker on the back to enjoy a secure life. To reduce the radiation of the electronic device, this one works really its best.

SmartDOT Review: How Do I Use SmartDOT?

SmartDOT is an EMF prevention tiny gadget that works effectively. Using this patch is very easy. This is a lightweight device and there is no wire connected that you need to use. Basically, there is no hassle in using this device.

SmartDOT Review How Do I Use SmartDOT

  • First, open the packet of the SmartDOT and remove the back-side sticker from the patch.
  • Then stick the patch on devices that spread radiation.
  • This patch will immediately start working to prevent radiation.

The SmartDOT patch is a protective sticker that strongly prevents radiation and helps me to avoid sickness. I was suffering from a severe headache and consulted with so many doctors. They always suggest that I take medicine.

But the actual problem was in the devices that I found out later. Now, I use this patch that efficiently works on devices to reduce radiation. Also, I feel much better and easily say goodbye to major problems like headaches, nausea, stress, etc.

Is SmartDOT a Scam?

SmartDOT is a product that prevents radiation and provides safety to the users. But few people asked is SmartDOT a scam or is it the truth? Well, the thing is it is actually true. There is no scam about it. This amazing product SmartDOT actually provides protection for the users.

Is SmartDOT a Scam

I keep my phone with me all the time. Besides, my home is full of electronics such as an oven, fridge, coffee maker, washing machine, etc. devices. Those electronic devices spread radiation the most.

So, I need strong protection and for this SmartDOT is the best solution. One of the best protection stickers and most of the users provide positive feedback about this.

Where I Can Buy It?

SmartDOT is a very effective device available on an online store. Mainly I order from this store and get 50% off on this particular product. Right now, their most popular deal is to Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Order now for this amazing offer. Also, they have a 90 days money-back guarantee, if you order from this site.

Where I Can Buy It

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more queries about SmartDOT, you can visit this section.

Where should I place SmartDOTs to help make sure my family and I are protected?

As I mentioned earlier that mostly the electromagnetic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. spread so much radiation. So, you can place it on any electronic device and keep your family safe.

Can I move a SmartDOT from one phone to another?

The SmartDOT is a sticker that is strongly attached to the backside of the phone. Though the adhesiveness is strong enough it is better to move the SmartDOT just once. Otherwise, the sticker may lose adhesiveness due to frequent change.

Where on a device should I stick a SmartDOT?

There is no specific area that you need to place the sticker SmartDOT. You can place it in any suitable place for your device where the sticker will not lose. Most of the users place this SmartDOT backside of their gadget items.

Final Thought

I hope after reading the SmartDOT Review now you have a clear idea about this patch. This small patch is flexible for any device and you can easily use it. The high material of this device ensures me that it will be perfect to use on devices. The strong adhesiveness helps the sticker to stick with the devices smoothly.

This patch is completely waterproof, so there is no risk of damaging any chip inside the device. Also, I can use it on multiple devices. Especially those devices that emit radiation the most. This radiation protector reduces the pain, headache, nausea, etc. problem of mine. Now I can feel better while using any electronic device for a long time.

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