Is Wi-Fi Harmful to Babies? (Real Advice)

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We live in an era where technology is important in our daily life. People spend more time on their smartphones, computers, television screen, and tablets. Wi-Fi is common in almost every place like home, schools, restaurants, and many public places. But we need to ask this crucial question, is WiFi harmful to babies? Does it have an impact on unborn babies and children?

According to a study carried out in 2014, children have a higher risk of microwave radiation than adults. Other researches also indicate that fetuses are also at a greater risk of microwave radiation. This guide will help you understand better the effects of Wi-Fi on babies. Let’s get right into it.

Is Wi-Fi Harmful to Babies?

Today, many people are aware of the harmful effects of Wi-Fi on babies. Research also shows a need for concern, and this has made many parents reconsider how they utilize wireless technology and how they can protect their babies.


Is WiFi harmful to babies? Frankly, yes. Wi-Fi produces radiofrequency that can potentially harm your baby. Exposure to radiation from routers for a long period can have adverse effects. Babies ate a higher risk because they have a thinner skull, which cannot protect the brain from EMF radiation. Therefore, there is a high absorption rate.

Many health conditions are traced back to Wi-Fi. For instance, if you struggle with decreased fertility, insomnia, or cardiac stress, this can result from Wi-Fi, and you might not even know. These effects can even be worse for babies and small children.

Wi-Fi affects the development of your baby negatively right in the womb. However, these effects increase once the baby is born hence pose development problems in babies. Some harmful effects of Wi-Fi exposure in the womb can cause the child to be obese or asthma problems.

Wi-Fi impairs the functioning of the brain and impairs cellular growth. So, it can lead to brain function and stunted growth in children.

Why Wi-Fi Is Dangerous For Babies?

Wireless devices use electromagnetic radiation to work. As much as they give weak radiation frequency, it can be hazardous to your health and the baby. Children are at a higher risk of many dangers like allergic reactions, air pollution, and other physical dangers.


Their biological composition varies from that of an adult. Therefore, we need to be concerned about their skin density, development of their organs, skull thickness, and brain matter. Research shows that the rate at which a child’s head absorbs electrical properties is twice that of an adult.

Also, babies have smaller heads, so various radiation types travel to reach the brain at a lesser distance. Moreover, the baby’s brain chemical makeup has a higher fluid concentration and ions. Therefore, this allows easy penetration of EMF radiation deep in the brain tissues.

Even babies in the womb have a higher risk of harmful EMF and RF radiation from Wi-Fi.

How to Protect Your Baby From Wi-Fi Radiation?

Now that we know the harmful effects of Wi-Fi on babies, it is great to know how you can protect your baby from Wi-Fi radiation. This will help you protect your baby and reduce their risk exposure.  I have some tips you should consider.

How to Protect Your Baby From Wi-Fi Radiation

Hardwire Internet:

Instead of using Wi-Fi, you can choose to hardwire your internet in your home. So, instead of connecting your devices wirelessly, you will need to use Ethernet cables from the router to the device. Most of you might see this as inconvenient, but it will reduce radiation exposure. On the good side, you will enjoy faster and reliable internet for your devices. If your cell-phones use Wi-Fi, you can opt to use the cellular connection instead of using Wi-Fi.

Get A Router Guard:

This is another amazing way you can protect your baby from Wi-Fi radiation at home. So, if you still want to use your Wi-Fi router while reducing radiation exposure, getting a router guard is preferable. These guards can block up to 90% RF radiation and minimize the range from 10-20%.

Turn The Wi-Fi Off:

If you are not using your Wi-Fi, then consider turning it off more so at night when the baby is sleeping. This will reduce Wi-Fi radiation exposure to babies.

Minimize Smart Devices:

Smart devices are gaining popularity these days, and almost everyone is buying them. If all these devices are wireless, then they emit radiation in your home. You can opt for hardwired devices to minimize the use of smart devices. Avoid smart devices like speakers, wristwatches, home assistants, light bulbs, and much more.

Keep The Gadgets Away from The Kids:

Keep all the devices in your home that emit radiation away from the kids. Check your devices in detail and identify the ones which emit radiation. Keep wireless devices like laptops, smartphones, cordless phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, and TV away from your kids.

Limit The Time On Children’s Smartphones:

Today, children use smartphones and tablets for recreation. These gadgets can expose them to radiation; hence you should limit the time they use them. Please encourage them to engage in physical exercises and play with other kids to give them a break from these devices.

Don’t store your smartphone in baby carrier pockets. Many parents keep their smartphones in the pockets of their baby carriers. This is not the same because of the device proximity to the baby, which is dangerous.

Final Verdict

Technological advancements are great because they make our work faster and easier. Today, almost every device is smart. The use of Wi-Fi is increasing, and many parents are now concerned about its effects on babies. That is why they ask this question; is WiFi harmful to babies? From our extensive guide, we have seen the negative effects of Wi-Fi on babies.

It is great to limit the exposure of babies to Wi-Fi radiations to avoid various complications. I hope you will implement the tips above to protect your little one from the harmful effects of Wi-Fi radiation.

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