Is 5 GHz Wi-Fi Dangerous – is It Better to Stay on 2.4ghz Only?

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People have swiftly moved from 2 GHz Wi-Fi to 5 GHz band to gain big from its first browsing power at large. The 5 GHz Wi-Fi band is a bit faster since it’s less congested with overlapping channels on it. However, experts have advised users to protect themselves from this internet network.

The 5 GHz band is reportedly pretty dangerous due to its power to penetrate easily through the walls. If you are far from a router connection or in a large home, you will notice the importance of having a better connection. But then, is 5 GHz Wi-Fi dangerous?

Is 5 GHz Wi-Fi Dangerous?

Before we can provide an answer to this question, we should have an idea of whether Wi-Fi is itself dangerous. If we find it dangerous, then we can conclude that 5 GHz is also dangerous. Wi-Fi transmits data using radio waves. The Wi-Fi radio waves are electromagnetic radiations, and any form of such radiation harms the living things around. Exposure to large doses of electromagnetic radiation for an extended period is dangerous. These radiations lead to several health complications.

Is 5 GHz Wi-Fi Dangerous

Because of this, a lot of manufacturers, especially in cell phone manufacturing departments, are adhering to safety standards set by authorities. They have resorted to manufacture cell phones that limit the amount of radiation they absorb from human bodies. The limit rate differs from one country to another to provide their people with enough radiation protection.

Besides this, the cell towers have placed large warning signs to alert passersby about radiation dangers emitted from those areas. People are warned of getting close to this site. Wi-Fi radiations are so dangerous. Other countries have even resorted to limit or remove Wi-Fi from schools and other areas for maximum safety. So, is 5 GHz Wi-Fi dangerous?

Any form of Wi-Fi emits electromagnetic radiation. Excessive exposure to EMF radiations over a long period can significantly harm the body. However, comparing the 2 and 5 GHz, the 2GHz is a bit more dangerous at large. The extent of harm an individual gets depends on the closeness to the radiation emission source and the kind of device you’re using.

How to Protect Against Wi-Fi Radiation?

Since Wi-Fi radiation poses people with severe health risks, we must protect ourselves from them. Have a look at a few ways you can protect yourself against these harmful radiations.

How to Protect Against Wi-Fi Radiation

Make Use of the EMF Shielding Paint:

This is a black paint that works effectively to block Wi-Fi radiations. The paint is applied to the interior or exterior part of a house to shield you from any form of electromagnetic fields from routers. This paint will set the levels inside the house low that are safe for dwellers. Levels of about six micro-watts in every square meter are considered safe.

Hardwire your Internet Connection:

The convenient and most effective way to protect yourself from these radiations is always turning the Wi-Fi off. However, since you need to serve the internet, you won’t get it turned down at all times. For this, considering to hardwire the house with specialized cables for shielding EMF is important. It ensures that the internet is shared in all house rooms through these internet cables and not wirelessly.

Use a Wi-Fi Router Guard:

If the other protection methods seem expensive to you, then you can try this one. A Wi-Fi router guard is a highly conductive metal cage. All you need is to place the Wi-Fi router in this cage and measure the results. The Wi-Fi router guard is a cost-effective method that assures users of 95% protection from emitted radiation. They are designed to allow some signals that you can still use to serve the internet.

Setting a Timer on the Router:

This is another effective method that works quite better on all routers. However, you will have to have an idea about how it is done to get the best from it. Doing this, you will log into the router you are using and set it to turn on and off at certain time intervals. This is a suitable option to go with since there is even an option of setting a password for it. So, the kids won’t tamper with anything, especially when the urge to serve the internet.

Keep a Safe Distance:

Distance is an essential factor when we talk about exposure to EMF radiations at large. The extent of exposure to Wi-Fi exposures drops when we serve the internet far off from the network source. Therefore it is paramount to maintain a distance from the router as much as possible to ensure you kill off the strength of the radiations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do people continuously ask about the Wi-Fi radiations? Get an idea about them here.

Does 5 GHz Wi-Fi go through walls?

No, these radiations cannot pass through any solid and thick object. They only penetrate to buildings through the openings in the hose, such as through doors and windows.

Should I use 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi?

Both these bandwidths are suitable in a way or the other. The 2 GHz is best if you need to serve the internet for low bandwidth activities. The 5 GHz is best when serving high bandwidth activities like streaming HDTV.

Should I turn off my 5GHz Wi-Fi?

The 5 GHz signal propagation is weaker, and so you can use any time you need it. However, it is good to turn it off whenever it’s not in use.

Is 5 GHz Wi-Fi faster?

Yes, this option provides less coverage, but it does it faster in terms of data transmission. Therefore, you are assured of faster download and upload activities.

Final Word

Is 5 GHz Wi-Fi dangerous? We have it all that the5 GHz Wi-Fi can harm the body. Therefore, there is a need we look for ways of shielding ourselves from the 5 GHz radiations. Incorporate the Wi-Fi protection techniques you have read to get you better to serve the internet without worries.

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