How to Protect Yourself From EMF and Wireless Devices?

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In this digital age, most people own electronic devices. We carry them around everywhere, enjoying all the benefits that come with such devices fully. But who among us stops to think about the kind of danger we expose ourselves to? Do you know how to protect yourself from EMF?

If you are like most of us, you probably wonder what a mere iPhone could bring harm. Well, know that all (not some) of these electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation, which is harmful to you.

Can you protect yourself from EMF?

It sounds quite impossible for you to carry around all your devices without decreasing EMF exposure risk. However, thanks to physics, the good news is that you can use your cellphone all you want and still protect yourself against this low-frequency but highly dangerous energy.

The Most Effective Ways On How To Protect Yourself From EMF

It sounds quite impossible for you to carry around all your devices without decreasing EMF exposure risk. However, thanks to physics, the good news is that you can use your cellphone all you want and still protect yourself against this low-frequency but highly dangerous energy. The most effective ways on how to protect yourself from EMF are:

Reduce the amount of time you expose yourself to EMF:

The effects of radiation take time to show. Instead of waiting to see the effects, in the long run, start now but turn on your computer or cell phone only when you need to use it. The more time you use any electronic device, the more you expose yourself to EMF.

How To Protect Yourself From Emf Step By Step Guide

Reduce electronic devices:

More devices expose you to more radiation. Buy one tablet and use it for all the functions that a cell phone and a laptop can carry out. Although there is EMF radiation in the environment (cell phone towers and wi-fi hotspots), it would reduce the exposure by eliminating some devices.

Keep a distance from the EMF source:

In simple terms, a distance of 2 inches from the source decreases exposure by ¼. Most cell phone manufacturers advise that you keep your device several inches from your body. Also, keep other low-frequency devices as far from you as possible.

Use wired accessories for your electronic devices:

In the absence of wires, devices use a wireless connection for communication, which sends EMF radiation to the air. As much as wires can be annoying, try to use headphones, wired keyboard, wired mouse, speakers, ethernet cable instead of wi-fi hotspots, and Bluetooth options at all times. These eliminate the EMF that would otherwise be emitted by wireless connections.

Use an EMF radiation shield:

Depending on how much radiation your electronic device emits, choose and use an appropriate shield. The shield should conduct, absorb, and dissipate the radiation between you and the device. Radiation protection clothing would be the best option.

How To Protect Yourself From EMF? Step By Step Guide

Given that today’s world is digitally controlled, you may not rule out the idea that you will be exposed to EMF daily. Since 100% restriction to exposure may not be practically possible, it helps to learn a few steps to reduce exposure. Check these tips on how to protect yourself from EMF.


Step 1- Test your EMF exposure.

It would be a good start to check to what extent you and your family’s exposure is to EMF. EMF detectors are affordable and can be found online; buy one and test your home. This handheld device should be used to determine emf hotspots in your home. Keep in mind that most of the EMF meters do not measure very high frequencies.

Start by checking near the power box and next to large electrical appliances. Check also the places where most of the electronic and wireless devices are installed, like the office. If you find high readings, it also means that you are highly exposed.

Another good way to test EMF exposure is to check how far away cell phone towers are from your home as these emit a lot of radiation.

It is important to test EMF exposure so that you get to understand the level of electromagnetic radiation you are exposed to. It is also good since you will tell if the EMF protection products you buy are working.

Step 2 – Reduce exposure

The truth is you are exposed; however, the risk is minimal. The next step is to reduce the level of exposure as much as possible to mitigate short- and long-term effects. Some of the precautionary measures you should take include:

Keep distance from low-frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by electronic devices like appliances, heating devices, electrical wires, and the rest.

  • Do not install low-voltage fluorescent tubes, halogen, or compact fluorescent lighting.
  • Create an EMF-safe sleeping area. Take away all electronics like wi-fi routers, tablets, cell phones, Sonos speakers, Amazon Alexa, google home, and other smart devices From your bedroom.
  • Get rid of dimmers and 3-way switches.
  • Unplug smart appliances
  • Turn off wi-fi
  • Get rid of anything cordless.
  • Insist on wired connections

Step 3 – Acquire EMF shielding

With all electronic devices in your home, it may be difficult to eliminate all the radiation. Please get some EMF radiation clothing and shielding to protect against any electromagnetic fields that may still be in the environment. Popular electromagnetic shielding materials are sheet metal, metal foam, and metal screen.

The most popular sheet metals used for shielding are brass, copper, nickel, steel, silver, and tin.

You can also invest in anti-radiation clothing to protect your upper body. Typical clothing you will find is hoodie sweatshirts. Such clothing is believed to block 99% of EMF radiation from cell phones and wi-fi.

Step 4 – Get treated for any EMF symptoms.

Whether you have been exposed for a short time or a long time, you are likely to experience some symptoms. With daily usage of computers, phones, microwaves, Bluetooth, wi-fi, and other devices, you may experience burning sensations, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, vomiting, or loss of appetite.

If you expose yourself to electromagnetic fields for a long time, the symptoms may be more severe than these; you should seek immediate medical attention at this point to avoid any life-threatening conditions.

The four steps above should help you prevent or reduce EMF exposure. They may seem quite difficult to practice, but with time, you will get used. You may not see or feel any of these postures since the effect takes place gradually. Do not wait for things to get out of hand before you take action. Start protecting yourself and your family now.

Final Thoughts

You have several options you can choose on how to protect yourself from EMF. If you feel like you have been overexposing yourself, take the necessary steps to make yourself comfortable, and mitigate EMF exposure’s long-term effects. If you do not take necessary protection measures now, you may get a brain tumor, cancer.

Mutated cells, toasted skin syndrome, or fragmented DNA in the future. In the short-term, headaches, tingling sensation, aches, and pain in the hands will be your daily routine. Remember also to protect your loved ones from EMF. Children have a higher risk of exposure, unlike adults, because their bodies absorb more EMF.

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