How to Protect Yourself From Computer Radiation 2021

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The advancements of technology have made it possible for a large percentage of people to own computers. They are excellent devices for communication and also sharing information alike. But, do you know that computers emit harmful radiations that can be harmful to your health?

Several health conditions are associated with computer radiation. In this project, you will discover the health risks of computer radiation and how to protect yourself from computer radiation.

Do Computers Give Off Harmful Radiation?

Computers are sources of electromagnetic radiation. These radiations have, for long, been associated with several severe health conditions at large. Among them in the list include affecting the DNA and the cells of the body. Moreover, these radiations damage the eyes, nerve cells, affect the heart rate, and trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

how to protect yourself from computer radiation

Besides this, women develop a lot of health problems with prolonged exposure to computer radiation. The problems include a decline in egg production, skin burns, DNA fragmentation, and rashes. Prolonged exposure to computer radiations can cause further damage to healthy women’s reproduction cells and chromosomes. Computer radiations are harmful, and there is a need to protect yourself from them.

How to Protect Yourself From Computer Radiation?

Since computer radiations are associated with severe health conditions, people need to protect themselves from them. Below are ten excellent ways on how to protect yourself from computer radiation.

how to protect yourself from computer radiation

Ground Your Computer Equipment:

Touching the keyboard of an unground computer exposes you to high electrical fields. In case you have a computer with two prongs power code, then it is ungrounded. However, three prongs power codes mean the computer is grounded. Grounding the computer ensures the EMF radiations pass through a wire and not the person operating it.

Have an EMF Meter:

The EMF meters are essential devices that tell the number of radiations the computer emits. The meter will provide you with an idea of whether the measures you are taking to reduce exposure or radiation. Get a quality meter, and you will know the number of radiations you are dealing with.

Keep Distance From the Monitor:

This is among the most effective ways of protecting yourself from computer radiation. When operating your computer, it is advisable to sit at a sweet spot a bit distant from the monitor. You can operate it from a distance of between two and four feet away if possible.

Besides, you can get a computer with high-resolution power to enable you to read through without straining. You can also get EMF proof t-shirts and wear them while operating a computer. They protect users from long-term exposure to computer radiation.

Minimize the Use of Wireless Accessories:

If possible, consider getting a separate wired mouse and keyboard to use. The wireless computer accessories emit radiation themselves and can cause severe health conditions. Therefore it is best if you consider wired accessories over wireless options.

Limit the Time of Exposure to Computer Radiations:

Limiting your time on the computer can be an excellent way to protect yourself from constant exposure to these radiations. If, for instance, you used to sit on the computer for eight hours, you can reduce it to four as such. This way, you will reduce the time of exposure to these radiations.

Ground Yourself:

Instead of grounding your computer, you can as well ground yourself at large. However, you will require seeking advice from an expert to learn what is best between grounding yourself or the computer. If an expert points out that this is a proven and effective way, don’t hesitate to do so.

Grow Plants in Your Office or House:

There are several plants that experts have highlighted capable of detoxifying EMF radiations. Cactus, for instance, can absorb computer radiation. Place them at strategic points in the office or in your house to absorb radiations that computers emit.

Moreover, Aloe Vera is another popular plant that can absorb computer radiation. Its meaty leaves trap radiations emitted from the computer to prevent them from getting on your body. This way, you will reduce exposure to these radiations at large.

Make Use of the Himalayan Crystal Lamp:

This is a salt lamp that consists of a colored salt crystal. This lamp lights up with the help of a candle inside or electric light. These lamps release negative ions that act as an ionizer. The ions from this lamp help neutralize the positive ions from a computer and maintain a normal environment.

This way, the electromagnetic radiations from the computer are canceled. Therefore, consider getting this lamp and turn it on whenever you start operating a computer.

Consider Taking Regular Breaks:

Computers emit blue lights that not only can cause damages to the photoreceptors of the eyes but also jeopardize circadian rhythm production. To prevent such occurrences, experts recommend computer operators taking breaks within sessions. Taking breaks after every twenty minutes can work best to avoid exposure to these radiations. Besides, you can avoid using them during the night and be exposed to the blue light before sleep.

Sit Far From the Power Strip:

Most people sit with legs closest to power strips at large. These are the points you plug your computer into a source of power. The power cables are sources of EMF radiation, and they should be kept off at all times. You should move the power cords far away from where you are operating your computer. This way, you have protected yourself from harmful computer radiation.

Bottom Line

These are excellent ways you can employ to help you avoid exposure to computer radiation. This project has provided vital information that computer operators should adhere to at all times. The project has provided an idea of whether computers emit harmful radiation and learn how to protect yourself from computer radiation. Get all the information right to avoid developing the conditions associated with computer radiations. 

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