How Can I Protect Myself From Cell Phone Radiation? (Also 5g Radiation)

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The cell phone is a great blessing to human life. But it has some demerits too; we can hardly recognize it due to our imprudence. During the phone calls, cell phones create an electromagnetic field of radio-frequency. And the emerging radio frequency affects our body to a significant margin.

How can I protect myself from cell phone radiation? Everyone must be aware of it. Otherwise, we will be driven to death with the impact of harmful cell phone radiation. However, we’re going to talk about this topic in detail here. You should stay here for a few minutes to rescue you from severe trouble. 

Is Cell Phone Radiation Safe?

Cell phones generate radiation during the voice transmission period. Our body can absorb this emerged radiation and get seized by several health disorders. With the touch of cell phone radiation for a long time, we will suffer from brain cancer, lower sperm counts, and other epidemic diseases already proven by some health organizations.

The exposure is not as devastating as other electromagnetic frequencies, but it becomes furious and detrimental with long-term contact. So, it’s clear that cell phone radiation is not safe at all. 

How Can I Protect Myself From Cell Phone Radiation?

You know how injurious cell phone radiation is to your health. So, can you abstain from using it? No, you can’t at all, but you can lessen its impacts following some tricks. How can I protect myself from cell phone radiation? To know everything in-depth, scroll down here.


Keep the phone away from your body:

During the phone calls, the cell phone produces radio-frequency. The generated frequency gets incidental contact with our head, mouth, and other parts of the body. As a result, it can easily harm the body by causing several health concerns. In this case, your first and foremost duty is to keep the phone away from your body. 

You shouldn’t be with the phone hours after hours. Instead, you have to use it in moderation merely when you need to call someone. Rest of the time, you can store it anywhere away from you to find the optimal relief. 

Don’t sleep with your cell phone:

Sleeping with a cell phone is a common phenomenon to all. Most people in the world love to keep the phone near the head during the sleeping period. As the phone keeps emitting radio frequency while it’s active, it can become comprehensively detrimental to our body. 

Moreover, the components of cell phones are not thoroughly favorable to health. The exposure of damaging rays can be injurious to the body, skin, and cells. Hence, the most impactful way to protect your body from cell phone radiation is to keep away from it while sleeping.

Stay away from using it when the signal is weak:

You may know a cell phone makes a call by sending and receiving wave frequency with the tower. It also uses other components to make a phone call, and all these are responsible for creating a harmful electromagnetic field. The aggression of frequency goes higher when the signal doesn’t work well.

It ultimately produces ill-causing waves due to the interruption of connection. If you keep using the phone during this period, it will eventually put you at significant risk. So, you have to stay away from utilizing it while the connection is weak.

Try to use airplane mode often:

The cell phone radiation exposures during the network connection mostly. By switching the connection from one tower to another tower, it makes everything possible. Such linkage is necessary when you need to contact someone, but you can give it when you don’t need to use it. 

In this case, you can use airplane mode to turn all the network connection systems off. You have to switch off cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other connections whenever you’re not using your phone or are busy with other vital tasks.

Keep phone calls in limitation:

A survey shows that the person who is habituated to dealing with phone calls most suffers health disorders due to radiation impact. If you find there is no use in calling others often, it will be significant revenue. 


Contacting via text message or making a meet-up is a hundred times better than getting via phone calls. So, you need to try heart and soul to use cell phones in limitation. Only emergency calls are allowed to be picked if you want to have a secure life. 

Use speaker mode:

If you need to join a must-needed call, you can use speaker mode to make yourself out of all concerns. Using a speaker will decrease the impact of radiation on your head and body. 

A speaker can lessen the near field radiation significantly and reduce the amount of impact notably. So, you must be wise enough to use speaker mode during the phone call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about cell phone radiation. You find more important queries from here.

Does flight mode reduce radiation?

Yes, the flight mode can reduce radiation entirely. It deactivates the regular operation of the networks and resists the exposure of radiation.

Do cell phone radiation protectors work?

The cell phone radiation protectors can slightly lessen the exposure of radiation. But you can’t thoroughly rely on it to get the ultimate protection.

Do cell phones give off radiation when not in use?

Yes, cell phones give off harmful radiation when not in use. In this case, switching the phone to off can be the perfect option.

Final Verdict

Cell phones are an integral part of human life. Despite all advantages, these are bringing great trouble to human life. By emitting radio frequency, cell phones are causing various epidemic disorders to our bodies. How can I protect myself from cell phone radiation? 

As you’ve gathered some crucial tactics for avoiding the devastation of cell phone radiation, you should implement these as soon as possible. 

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