Best EMF Detectors Reviewed In 2021 – Top 10 Picks!

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If you want to detect and measure radiation levels at a given place, you should use an EMF detector. It is important to see radiation with the naked eye, yet it is all around us. This makes it challenging to escape radiation; that is why you need an EMF detector to determine radiation levels. Remember that the more you get exposed to radiation, the more you will suffer from side effects, which is why you should prevent this while you can.

The best EMF detectors are capable of letting you know how much radiation you get exposed to daily. As much as we can agree that it is difficult to control radiation exposure, we must use these highly sensitive instruments to control radiation levels. EMF detectors can be used professionally in the field or at home to check on radiation levels.

Why Do I Need An EMF Meter?

An EMF meter is an important device that allows you to be aware of radiation levels present in your surroundings. This device provides accurate readings; that way, you can decide on the next actions to take. The levels of electro pollution you get exposed to daily can only be detected using an EMF meter.


This is why you need an EMF meter:

  • It will enable you to identify magnetic fields; that way, you can decide to take necessary action.
  • EMF meters give precise readings, thus enabling you to make wise decisions towards avoiding more EMF exposure.
  • A good EMF meter will come in handy in helping you understand how much radiation you are exposed to and how to fight against EMF radiation.
  • To understand the type of EMF radiation-emitting at your present station, you need an EMF meter.
  • With an EMF meter, you can detect radiofrequency radiation in your home, which will help you find a solution before the situation gets dire.

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Electric Field, Radio Frequency (RF) Field

Cornet ED-88TPlus EMF/RF Detector 100MHz

LATNEX AF-3500 EMF Meter RF Detector

Acoustimeter AM-10 EMF Meter Bundled

EMF Meter,Advanced GQ EMF-390

HF-B3G Triple Axis HF RF Power Meter Analyzer

3 Triple Axis High RF EMF Strength Meter Detector Reader

Cambridge Labs Rechargeable EMF Meter

EMF Meter Meterk Electric Field and Magnetic Field

EMF Meter, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector

10 Best Emf Detectors Review 2021

The main aim is to take you through the best EMF detectors available in the market to enable you to make an informed decision when purchasing. The different types of EMF detectors outlined will have features that will help you go for the one the suits you best. Please go through the specific details to understand each meter and what makes it unique. Without any further ado, let’s get right into our review.

1. Electric Field, Radio Frequency (RF) Field

Electric Field, Radio Frequency (RF) Field

The EMF Meter Model TF2 is a three in one device that has an AC electric field meter, AC gaussmeter, and radio power density meter. These three works together to deliver precise electromagnetic field measurements. This device also comes with a unique frequency weighted mode used to scale magnetic and electric measurements.

What sets this Magnetic Field Strength Meter apart is that it can detect three forms of EMF pollution that help you sort for the specific solution. It is so far the best electromagnetic radiation detector whose magnetic readings indicate the location the meter is held. The New weighted mode features on this device work to measure EMF radiation present in your body.

You will find a large LCD with an adjustable backlight that portrays clear and precise readings that you can easily read and interpret. Its fast indicator bar works fast to identify hot spots that you need to be careful with.  Also, the Sensitive RF mode on this device is perfect for measuring Wi-Fi and mobile phone EMF.

Electric Field Features:

  • This is a strength meter that works efficiently to detect three forms of EMF pollution.
  • It comes with a large LCD with an adjustable backlight to enable you to have a better view of the readings displayed.
  • A strength meter with a Sensitive RF mode that works to measure Wi-Fi and mobile phones accurately.
  • This EMF detector features a New weighted mode that measures EMF radiation your body has.
  • This Trifield strength meter comes with 3-axis AC magnetic measurements to give room for precise readings.

2. Cornet ED-88TPlus EMF/RF Detector 100MHz

Cornet ED-88TPlus EMF/RF Detector 100MHz

The uniqueness of the Cornet ED-88TPlus EMF/RF Detector is its ability to take measurements of the major three types of EMF radiation. It clearly shows RF radiation readings regarding signal strength and the actual frequency that it randomly picks within a range of 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz.

When planning to check for Radio Frequency radiation, the Cornet ED88T is the best meter to use. It has an accurate and quick sampling rate that is within a range of 100MHz to 8GHz. A sound analysis signature for Radio Frequency radiation readings is also featured in this device to measure radiation in a home or office.

This RF Detector has an LCD moving graphic Histogram that works to display the level of signal power. Also, it has a fast color LED 8 segment display level meant for signal level indication Frequency. This is an EMF detector designed with top-notch technology that comes with a hard-shell zipper case for storage.

Cornet ED-88TPlus Features:

  • An RF detector that comes with a sound signature analysis works to locate Radio Frequency Radiation origin.
  • The Cornet ED-88TPlus EMF/RF Detector is designed to take three types of EMF radiation measurements, making it quite efficient.
  • This detector shows RF radiation readings regarding signal strength and frequency accurately within a range of 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz.
  • The LCD moving graphic Histogram on this detector works to display the level of signal power.
  • An EMF detector is made with top-notch technology and features a hard-shell zipper case for storage.

3. LATNEX AF-3500 EMF Meter RF Detector and Reader

LATNEX AF-3500 EMF Meter RF Detector and Reader

The LATNEX RF detector features a triple-axis field sensor that works as a radio frequency detector enabling you to receive accurate readings. It is not only an RF-EMF meter but also a detector making it highly reliable in radiation measurement. This is a special device that works to deliver measurements with precision.

This is a highly efficient meter with a Calibration Certificate that measures both RF and LF Radiation. It collects the measurements from sources around you like the microwave, cell tower, cell phone, Wi-Fi modems, and many other electrical devices. If you plan to invest in an EMF detector, consider the LATNEX AF-3500 EMF Meter RF Detector.

It is easy to operate the reader with a conspicuous display and seven buttons labeled for ease of use. You can use the buttons provided by this detector to switch from gauss Meter modes to Electrical and RF. This EMF meter detector also comes with an alarm function with ON/OFF options; when radiation is detected, the alarm goes off to give you a signal.

LATNEX AF-3500 Features:

  • A LATNEX RF detector with a triple-axis field sensor that operates as a radio frequency detector gives you accurate readings.
  • This is a two-in-one device that works as an RF-EMF meter and also a detector in radiation matters.
  • A reader with a Calibration Certificate that can measure both RF and LF Radiation.
  • It features a large display that reflects radiation measurement readings accurately.
  • An EMF meter detector with an alarm function with ON/OFF options to alert you when radiation levels are detected.

4. Acoustimeter AM-10 EMF Meter Bundled with Extra Batteries

Acoustimeter AM-10 EMF Meter Bundled with Extra Batteries

The Acoustimeter AM-10 EMF Meter is an RF measurement instrument measuring electromagnetic radiation accurately. With this meter, you will comprehend radiation levels ranging from 200 MHz to 8000 MHz. This is in line with frequencies used by the latest communication systems that tend to emit radiation.

The inbuilt speaker of this EMF meter exercises a digital readout that is highly sensitive, usually between 0.02 V/m – 6.00 V/m to 100,000 W/m2. Through the speaker, you will be able to hear and determine the signal modulation. This EMF meter is also comprised of two series of graduated LED lights that keep on updating to gauge radiation levels in a given area.

This is an easy to use EMF meter that is lightweight and small to fit in your pocket. It is portable, meaning you can go anywhere with this meter without having to wear you down. A soft carry-case for storage is availed to ensure that the meter is kept safe and protected at all times. The LCD works to give accurate readings that update, depending on the rise of radiation levels.

Acoustimeter AM-10 Features:

  • An RF exposure detector that accurately measures electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices as well as base stations.
  • A lightweight, portable, and easy to use EMF meter that can be easily carried in the pocket.
  • This Acoustimeter features an inbuilt speaker that allows you to listen and hear signal modulation.
  • An EMF meter with two series of graduated LED lights detect radiation and keeps on updating the moment radiation levels rise.
  • It comes with a soft carry-case meant to keep the meter safe and protected always.

5. EMF Meter, Advanced GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic

EMF Meter,Advanced GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic

This advanced multi-function digital EMF ELF meter is exceptional because it can be used for different tests and detection. This is enabled by the three-axis combined features that include Electric Field, Radio Frequency, and Electromagnetic Fields. These features make it possible for this device to recognize the origin of EMF/RF.

The analog-style display of this device makes it easy to read and understand the data provided. On the display’s left and right side, vertical bars give signs of EMF and EF and radiation levels. A Real-Time clock is provided to show the actual time of sensitive testing. You will also find an LED visualizer with an alarm that triggers an indication of radiation in that area.

To monitor RF in real-time, this EMF-390 Multi-Field detector carries an inbuilt RF Spectrum analyzer that also comes with GQ RF Browser. You can use the inbuilt flash memory to log in real-time data and download the data anytime to your PC. You can check on RF radiation accurately, as displayed on the screen through the exceptional GQ RF Browser feature.

EMF Meter, Advanced Features:

  • A digital EMF meter with three-axis features which are Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic Fields, and Electric Field that work together to indicate the source of EMF/RF measured.
  • An Advanced GQ EMF-390 meter with an inbuilt RF Spectrum Analyzer makes it possible to recognize the RF signal power emanating from a specified frequency.
  • This EMF meter features a unique GQ RF Browser that visualizes the amount of RF radiation displayed on the screen.
  • The meter comes with preinstalled sensors that give range measurement of radiation with high accuracy levels.
  • This is a lightweight, portable device that is convenient and easy to use for general purpose tests.

6. HF-B3G Triple Axis HF RF Power Meter Analyzer

HF-B3G Triple Axis HF RF Power Meter Analyzer

This device’s uniqueness is in the ball located at the top, whose main aim is to enable you to receive accurate readings. The triple-axis of this HF-B3G meter acts as a radio frequency detector, allowing you to obtain precise readings, notwithstanding the device’s positioning. This EMF meter works in such a way that it can detect radiation originating from any wireless device present in a given area.

This is a reliable meter that indicates a safe environment that should not go beyond 0.003 µW/cm2. This device determines cell Towers, Wi-Fi modems, and Cell Phone radiation by incorporating its directional characteristic. This power meter comes with a continuous measurement range of selection for home EMF inspections making it the best emf meter for home use.

This Power Meter has a liquid-crystal display that is easily readable, giving you accurate readings. The display also is backlit to enable you to read comfortably in low light conditions. Beginners can operate this device efficiently using µW/cm2 measurements, whereas advanced users usually use µW/m2 for measurement.

HF-B3G Triple Features:

  • A meter with RF and HF Radiation features acts as reliable sources of checking radiation in Cell Towers, Wi-Fi modems, and Cell Phones.
  • An RF Power Meter features a ball placed at the top of this device to ensure that you receive precise readings.
  • This device has a triple-axis that works as a radio frequency detector enabling you to receive readings no matter how the device is positioned.
  • This power meter can be used without challenges by beginners and advanced users, with beginners using measures of µW/cm2 and advanced users going for µW/m2 measurements.
  • It comes with a liquid-crystal display that guarantees easy reading even in low light conditions because the display is backlit.

7. 3 Triple Axis High RF EMF Strength Meter Detector Reader

3 Triple Axis High RF EMF Strength Meter Detector Reader

An EMF Strength Meter Detector Reader with an accurate measuring range of 38mv ~ 11v/m (4 1/2 digits comes with a maximum reading of 19999. It comes with an Electrical field sensor type featuring frequencies of between 50MHz to 3.5GHz. Its three-channel digital results processing enhances this meter detector’s high dynamic range capabilities.

This device can detect the electromagnetic field due to its isotropic measurements. It features an MLCD display that enables you to read easily the readings indicated. The alarm function shows radiation levels with an ON/ OFF threshold that is adjustable depending on high or low levels are.

The manual data memory of this EMF detector is exceptional because it can store up to 200 sets of data. The memory makes it possible for this device to recall all the stored data. You can check on any leakages from your Wi-Fi gadgets, hotspot, and microwave through this meter detector.

Triple Axis High Features:

  • The Electrical field sensor feature in this meter reader allows it to detect leakages with frequencies of between 50MHz to 3.5GHz.
  • It comes with a high dynamic range capacity made possible by the three-channel digital results processing.
  • The isotropic measurements instilled in this device can detect electromagnetic field with accuracy.
  • An MLCD Display is provided by this detector that allows you to view readings easily.
  • The alarm function of this strength meter with an ON/ OFF threshold works to show radiation levels.

8. Cambridge Labs Rechargeable EMF Meter, Radiation Detector

Cambridge Labs Rechargeable EMF Meter, Radiation Detector

This is a powerful EMF reader that works effectively to measure Electromagnetic Field Radiation. The Cambridge Labs meter ensures that the correct data is passed along. When the EMF field measures are high, an alert is sent to you.  It is a simple yet reliable device that produces accurate results of the given area.

You will always receive dual readings from this Radiation Detector but on a single backlit LCD screen. With those readings, you will be able to take the appropriate action. The best part about this field tester is that it is designed to measure electric field radiation and magnetic field radiation; that is why it can be considered the best emf detector for ghost hunting.

A portable device whose screen has been designed for remarkable visual clarity. The readings are displayed in large units to enable you to read easily. You can recharge this portable handheld EMF reader using a USB cable. Beginners can use this device with ease, whereas advanced users can ensure that this device aids in keeping the environment safe.

Cambridge Labs Features:

  • The Lab meter of this device works to guarantee that the correct data is received and processed.
  • A powerful EMF reader is designed to measure and send an alert in Electromagnetic Field Radiation.
  • This portable and lightweight meter reader can be carried around with ease to determine radiation levels in various areas.
  • An EMF detector is considered sensitive to low frequencies, thus keeping a check on the amount of radiation in a given place.
  • It comes with an exceptional display for visual clarity that displays readings in large units for easy readability.

9. EMF Meter Meterk Electric Field and Magnetic Field Radiation Handheld

EMF Meter Meterk Electric Field and Magnetic Field Radiation Handheld

If you wondered what sets this meter apart, it can detect the EMFs that include magnetic fields, microwave fields, and electric fields. Apart from that, this EMF detector can identify a different range of frequencies emanating from any electronic device. Lest I forget, it can also accurately measure the environmental temperature.

You will find an Intensity Bar Graph Display that indicates the intensity of the magnetic and electric fields. A GOOD or BAD prompt is displayed on the screen; that way, you can know whether the environment you are in is safe. The LCD is usually very clear, showing the values clearly for easy reading.

This device has been designed with an alarming level meant for the magnetic field and electric field test. The alarm has sound and comes with a light for you to see when an alert pops up. It is a light device that is portable and easy to use.

EMF Meter Meterk Features:

  • This is a unique EMF meter designed for two uses: test magnetic field strength and electric field strength for the best test result.
  • A Magnetic Field Radiation Handheld meter can detect the three main EMFs: electric fields, microwave fields, and magnetic fields.
  • The Intensity Bar Graph Display on this Meterk EMF meter works to display magnetic and electric fields’ intensity.
  • The LCD of this device enables you to easily read the digits, making you understand the readings clearly.
  • It comes with an alarm that produces sound and light whenever there is an alert.

10. EMF Meter, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector 5HZ—3500MHz

EMF Meter, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector 5HZ—3500MHz

An EMF detector that has more than one use is ideal compared to detectors with only one function. This is what this EMF meter offers; it tests magnetic field radiation, temperature, and electric field. The different uses of this device work incredibly to guarantee a radiation-free environment.

You can use this detector to carry out ghost testing and to find outfield radiation. All electronic devices, as well as home appliances, can be tested using this electric field detector. The memory part of this EMF detector ensures that the provided data is stored and locked for future reference.

An EMF meter having a large backlight display that allows transparent and precise reading. It also features a light and sound alarm meant to give you an indication of radiation intensity levels. The multi-function permitted by just one button of this device ensures efficiency and convenience. You can perform almost all functions using one button that delivers incredible results.

EMF Meter Features:

  • This EMF detector is designed to have more than one function hence working to guarantee a safe environment.
  • It has a memory unit that stores detected data and locks it up for future use.
  • The LCD enables you to have precise readings by having a large digits display.
  • It comes with a sound-light indicator that works to reveal radiation intensity levels.
  • The multi-function one button provided by this device allows you to use it to perform different functions effectively by only using one button.

Benefits of using EMF Meters & Detectors

EMF meters and detectors play a crucial role in keeping the environment safe from electromagnetic radiation. The different electronic devices we use today play a significant role in creating electromagnetic fields that can be quite detrimental. This is why you need an EMF meter to detect radiation because it cannot be seen with naked eyes.

The benefits that EMF Meters & Detectors present you with include;

  • They monitor the amount of radiation present in a specified environment.
  • They aid in discovering electromagnetic field radiation that can cause health issues.
  • You can use these devices to know the radiation exposure in your home produced by your home appliances.
  • EMF Meters & Detectors can help detect the origin of radiation, thus working to find a solution.

How to Choose The Best EMF Meters & Detectors

EMF Meters & Detectors are essential devices for they help detect and prevent radiation spread in the environment. That is why you have to choose the best EMF detectors to help you keep the environment radiation free. You need to understand what to look into when choosing these devices so that they perform efficiently. This guide will showcase the critical features to look out for.

Frequency Range:

The EMF detector you end up choosing should have the capacity to pick both low and high EMF signals. Higher frequency ranges, as well as detection, should be your primary concern.

Easy to use:

Do not choose EMF meters that will give you a hard time when operating. The best device should have ease of use with understandable readings.


Is the EMF detector you are eyeing able to give you accurate readings at all times? This is the question that should ring in your mind before you pick this device. Some cheap EMF meters have been considered to give misleading readings hence avoid such.


You need a device that can quickly detect any amount of EMF radiation emanating from your house or outside. Without a sensitive EMF detector, you cannot know when your microwave oven or Wi-Fi router is leaking. So, go for a device whose sensitivity is unmatched, for that is the only way to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are EMF meters accurate?

EMF Meters are accurate devices that provide precise information regarding EMF radiation present in the environment.

Can your phone detect EMF?

Technologically advanced smartphones have been designed to measure and detect EMF.

Is there an app to detect EMF?

Different apps have been designed to measure and detect EMF radiation.

Final Thought

An EMF detector is a crucial device designed to ensure that the environment is free from radiation. This is a must-have, highly sensitive instrument because it is the only way you can know your environment’s radiation intensity. The best EMF detectors are sensitive to any amount of radiation present and explicitly give the measurement readings. It is a good idea to invest in this device to prevent yourself from any health risks.

Out of the reviewed best EMF detectors, the Electric Field, Radio Frequency (RF) Field, Magnetic Field Strength Meter by Trifield takes the number one spot. It can accurately detect the three forms of EMF radiation. The strength meter is designed with a Sensitive RF mode that indicates radiation levels in mobile phones and other devices.

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