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Caleb Rhoades

Hi, I am Caleb Rhoades, I am a Health specialist. Along with my job, I run a business where I sell emf protective cloth, emf detectors, laptop radiation shield, emf baby monitors, emf bed canopies, anti-radiation phone case, etc. Because of my job & business, I have to face so many clients of the emf tools users. I saw many clients face difficulties with maintenance, buying the wrong one, doesn’t knowing how to use it, etc. All those problems they face because of their lack of knowledge about these emf tools.

How to Protect Yourself From 5G Radiation? (Must Read)

How to protect yourself from 5G radiation
The 5G or fifth-generation wireless network incorporates higher speed, involves a larger channel, and can synchronize several devices from one location. Despite all its benefits, it seems detrimental to the human being. Many health experts are concerned about its aggression…

Is Wi-Fi Harmful to Babies? (Real Advice)

We live in an era where technology is important in our daily life. People spend more time on their smartphones, computers, television screen, and tablets. Wi-Fi is common in almost every place like home, schools, restaurants, and many public places.…

What Does An EMF Detector Do?

An EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) detector is a vital protection instrument that can detect and monitor radiation in any area. You will be surprised by the increasing popularity of EMF detectors due to their efficiency. So, what does an EMF detector…

Does Anti-Radiation Clothing Work?

The effects of EMF radiation cannot be felt right away regardless of the constant radiation exposure. However, some people are electromagnetic hypersensitive hence require anti-radiation clothing for safety. EMF radiation is extremely dangerous, and the more you get exposed to…