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Caleb Rhoades

Hi, I am Caleb Rhoades, I am a Health specialist. Along with my job, I run a business where I sell emf protective cloth, emf detectors, laptop radiation shield, emf baby monitors, emf bed canopies, anti-radiation phone case, etc. Because of my job & business, I have to face so many clients of the emf tools users. I saw many clients face difficulties with maintenance, buying the wrong one, doesn’t knowing how to use it, etc. All those problems they face because of their lack of knowledge about these emf tools.

How Can You Protect Yourself From EMF?

How Can You Protect Yourself From EMF?
In the last stage of the last century, the electric revolution has happened. Nowadays, we have advanced technology that is making our life easier. However, with the use of advanced technology, we are becoming more and more. Exposing to the…

How to Block Emf From Power Lines 2021

Several advancements have taken place due to technology. Even though these technological advancements have brought limelight to the world, they come with disadvantages alike. EMF radiations emitted from power lines have adverse health effects at large. People are busy looking…

Do Anti Radiation Stickers Really Work [Proven Answer]

do anti radiation stickers really work
Covering cell phones with anti-radiation stickers seems trendy to sensitive users. They find it reliable and secure to block radio-frequency. The anti-radiation stickers embed some advanced features to absorb and block the electromagnetic field’s effect at a significant margin. Do…