Are EMF Harmful? What You Need to Know in 2021

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Every day we are exposed to the electric magnetic field in various ways. Since there are a lot of natural sources as well as artificial sources of EMF, it is impossible to avoid it. Also, due to the electric revolution in the world, the artificial sources of EMF have increased. So you will have EMF around you almost all the time.

But are EMF harmful? Since we are often exposed to EMF, it is important to know whether it causes damage to our health or not. It will help us to take proper precautions if it causes danger. On the other hand, if it does not cause any danger, you can comfortably use every electric thing. So stick to the end of this informative article to know details about it.

Are EMF Harmful?

Basically, there are two parts of EMF. One is the electric field and another is the magnetic field. When there are any differences in the voltage, the electric field is created. On the other hand, when the current flows, it creates a magnetic field. With the increase or decrease of voltage, the strength of the electric field varies as well.

Are EMF Harmful

Similarly, with the increase and decrease, the magnetic field varies too. The greater the voltage or current is, the stronger the electric or magnetic field is. However, when the current does not flow, even then the electric field can exist. Now, there are two sources that determine the strength and harmfulness of EMF. The EMF protection clothing can easily protect from the harmfulness without any hassle.

Natural Sources of Electromagnetic Fields:

As we already mentioned that EMFs are everywhere in the environment but we cannot see them. You know there is a magnetic field in the north-south direction of our globe. Also, when the electric charges build up in our atmosphere, then electric fields are created. We can see that when a thunderstorm shows up. Similarly, there are some other natural EMF sources that can create EMF naturally.

Human-Made Sources of Electromagnetic Fields:

Other than the natural sources, there are some other man-made sources of EMF as well. One of the main and vital man-made EMF sources is X-ray. Along with that, radiofrequency signals also create EMF when these transmitted signals or information. Even tv antennas, satellite stations, microwaves, and other common electric appliances create EMF. Nowadays, the increasing use of mobile phones is increasing the EMF sources as we need more towers to connect mobile phones.

So are EMF harmful? Well, whether it is harmful or not depends on the strength and length of the EMF. Similar to the sources, there are two types of EMF exposure in the world. One is low-level radiation and the other one is high-level radiation.

High-level Radiation:

High-level radiation, sometimes called ionizing radiation, is strong and long that can harm you. Basically, it breaks down the chemical and molecular tissues or other substances of your body. The most common type sources for this high-level ionized radiation is x-rays and UV rays from the sun. However, since the effect of exposure depends on the distance between the source and the exposer, UV does not affect that much.

On the other hand, when people are often exposed to x-rays, it can cause some serious damage. With a high level of exposure, you can experience cancer, infertility, pain, and some other minor problems. Also, you may face burning, hair loss, skin damage, and even bone damage. Doctors and a medical person can reduce the damage by using EMF protection clothing , or a led shield.

Low-level Radiation:

Along with the high-level radiation or ionizing radiation exposure, low-level or non-ionized exposing can cause some minor damage. However, this will happen only when you regularly get exposed to EMF. Exposure for a few times might not harm you at all. It will generally pass through your body without harm.

People who work in any radiation company can have this problem. Also, some people are at risk who use smartphones too much. Other common sources like microwaves, computers, and others do not harm that much if you don’t use those too much.

Excessive use of those appliances or getting too much exposure to low-level EMF can cause damage. You can damage your sight, harm your tissues, and even get cancer. Overall, low-level or non-ionized radiation can cause damage too, but in a little amount when exposing too much.

How Does EMF Affect the Body?

You already know that there are two types of sources of EMF. When these sources create and emit EMF, our human body absorbs energy.

How Does EMF Affect the Body

Now, if it is low-level radiation, it smoothly goes through the body and does not affect the body. However, when it is strong, a cellular stress response gets triggered. It can damage our tissues, DNA, or even bones that can enhance the risk of cancer and other dangerous problems.


During the 20th century, the use of EMF has increased a lot. Due to that, we are getting exposed to the EMF every day by natural as well as man-made EMF sources. The use of advanced technology has increased exposure as well. So are EMF harmful? Well, you already know whether it is harmful or not.

Since it can create some serious effects on the human body, it is better to have protection against the EMF. Otherwise, we may face some serious trouble in the future. So make sure you know the sources, type of EMFs, and the effects of those types to stay safe from this problem.

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